Getting Through the First Minute

We know the first minute of using S/he*Pak is intense but it is going to be worth it!  Relief is right around the corner!  No harm will come to your tissues, during this time, and soon you’ll be numb and relaxing in the relief of life without burn, itch, pain, or swelling.  Here are some tips to get through that first minute or so:

  • Empty your bladder first – Sometimes the cold makes you feel like you have to urinate, so it’s nice to know that it is already empty as you tell your brain “it’s okay” and to wait it out.
  • Lay down – Laying down is the most comfortable position.  It’s the least amount of work, so the rest of you can relax.
  • Too cold on the clitoris – If your clitoris is not red, inflamed, burning, itching, or painful, and the cold feels too intense, you can fold a piece of bathroom tissue or paper towel up and place between your clitoris and the device.
  • Refrigerator – For some women, placing the S/he*Pak in the refrigerator instead of the freezer is an option, given their medical situation, but generally there is less relief or therapeutic effect. Just as using an ice pack for an ankle sprain from the refrigerator is less effective than from the freezer.
  • Keeping it in – Depending on the dimensions of your vagina, S/he*Pak may want to slide out a bit.  This also gives you control over how much your external structures are interfacing with S/he*Pak.  It can even allow you to gradually cool the clitoris, which is the most sensitive area for most women.
  • Distract yourself – Reading a book, watching TV, or getting online can help the first minute go by more easily.
  • Set a timer – You may choose to set a timer for one minute or so, so you know how much time you have left to endure for the cold period before getting numb.  You may also choose to set a timer for 15 minutes so you can allow yourself to be distracted by other activities, but not lose track of your S/he*Pak session.

We hope these tips help!  Email us if you have helpful ideas for getting through your first minute!

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