If Your Vagina Is Unhappy, Do These Two Things

In having tables and booths at networking events and public expos, and learning more about the complex environment of the vagina, I have changed and adjusted my message. As a PT and Certified Wound Specialist, I am all about tissue repair, but few are talking about what to do and how to treat your vagina and nearby structures when it is “off kilter.” Well, I am! I am in interested in non-pharmaceutical options to restore health here, when safe to do so.

There are lots of reasons your vagina could be unhappy, where it burns, itches, is swollen, is painful, and/or throbbing. You will still need a medical assessment (if you don’t know what’s going on) but in the meantime,try these two things.

(1) Cool inflamed tissues with a She*Pak, and since it inserts more easily with lubricant, by all means, use lube that doesn’t cause further harm. (2) Use a healthy lubricant. What do I mean by saying healthy lubricant? One that doesn’t make your symptoms worse, thin your tissues, cause bacterial overgrowth, or change the pH for the worse. The big brands that are available are actually bad for the vagina. In fact, I have learned that the lubricant I put in my kits is bad. Throw it out!

You’ll hear me say this over and over, ice decreases inflammation and will get you immediate relief. It really works! You will feel better. When you do have symptoms, you’ll want She*Pak to go in with ease, so you’ll need to select a lubricant.

Now the questions is “How do I figure out what is healthy lubricant”? Stay tuned as I post content on how to find one right for you with smart help from Sarah Mueller (Smitten Kitten, Minneapolis, MN), my personal lubricant expert! And I will get you a 10% discount on whichever one you select!

To happy, healthy, and functional vaginas!