About Femi*Corp

Mission Statement

Femicorp’s mission is to create and distribute exceptional products and education that enhances women’s self-care and sense of well-being for their reproductive system throughout their lifetime.

Meet the Inventor of S/he*Pak

Pam Cole is a physical therapist and clinical wound specialist with 17 years of experience at a wound clinic in the Twin Cities. She is an associate professor at the University of MN teaching wound care, and is a clinical consultant in the field of wound healing. Tissue repair is her passion! But how did she come to invent an intravaginal cooling device? Watch the video!

S/he*Pak Is a Great Product

Patented Shape

This unique and patented design (US Patent: D694,420 S) cools both the internal and external tissues, and is easy to insert, hold, and remove.

Serves A Large Market

There are a minimum of 23 million women in the United States alone each year who have a need for She*PakTM: 14.4M with vaginitis; 2.25M vaginal birth without deep tears; 132,000 hysterectomies with a vaginal approach; and 6M postmenopausal, sexually active women who experience dryness.

Reusable and Ready to Go

Just like other ice packs, S/he*Pak is reusable, and because it’s kept discreetly in the freezer, it’s always ready to go. Everyone should have one in their freezer!

Femicorp, LLC is a privately held company based in Hopkins, Minnesota. Founded in 2009, Femicorp’s flagship product is the S/he*Pak, with a unique and patented design for cooling vaginal and labial tissues, but will expand to provide other feminine products with thoughtful upgrades. Femi*Corp, lead by President Pam Cole, is in an expansion phase, and is looking for another round of funding.